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Keep Your Kids Safe Online

PocketGuardian™ helps parents monitor their kids iPhone & Android Smartphone plus social media accounts without invading their privacy. Parents receive notification when Cyberbullying or Sexting are detected, plus resources to start a conversation with their child.

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PocketGuardian Features

PocketGuardian has the following features to help protect kids.
monitor facebook twitter instagram

Monitoring Social Media

monitor iphone and android apps

Monitoring Mobile Apps

monitor iphone web browser

Viewing Browser History**

monitor iphone android location

Viewing Device Location

view iphone android installed apps

Viewing Installed Apps

view iphone calls + contacts

Viewing Calls & Contacts

**iOS only

PocketGuardian alerts on the following

PocketGuardian monitors Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram & more!
*received messages only for Android
**iOS only
PocketGuardian installed on Smartphone monitors text messages

About PocketGuardian

What is PocketGuardian?

PocketGuardian™ detects Sexting and Cyberbullying on your child's monitored iPhone & Android devices plus social media accounts without invading their privacy. When Sexting or Cyberbullying content is detected, PocketGuardian sends notification to a parent or guardian stating that either Sexting or Cyberbullying was sent/received from the child's monitored iPhone or Android device. We do not keep your child's content on our servers. However, flagged content is included in alert notifications. PocketGuardian's purpose is NOT for spying on individuals! It's purpose is to help prevent the devastating consequences of Sexting and CyberBullying!

What makes PocketGuardian different?

Why Us? What Makes Us Different?

Monitor your child's iPhone & Android devices plus accounts without spying on them.

Automated Monitoring
Removes the task of manually inspecting your child's device and accounts.

Alert Notifications
Determine whether Sexting or Cyberbullying content was sent or received.

Advanced Analysis
PocketGuardian doesn't search for keywords. IT THINKS!

Parent Resources
Know what to say if you receive an alert notification.

PocketGuardian installed on Smartphone monitoring text messages


PocketGuardian in Action

See it in Action!
PocketGuardian demo on Smartphone


So how much does PocketGuardian cost?

PocketGuardian Features

Price includes the following:
  • Alert Notifications
  • Monitoring Social Media
  • Monitoring Mobile Apps
  • Viewing Browser History
  • Viewing Installed Apps
  • Viewing Device Location
  • Viewing Calls & Contacts
  • 14 Day Free Trial!
Monitors the following:
  • monitor iMessage iMessage
  • monitor iPhone and Android text messages SMS
  • monitor Facebook Facebook
  • monitor Instagram Instagram
  • monitor Twitter Twitter
  • monitor Kik Kik
  • monitor Line Line
  • monitor Oovoo ooVoo
  • monitor Calculator% Calculator%
  • monitor Calculator Pro Calculator Pro
  • monitor Jott Jott
  • monitor Tinder Tinder
  • monitor Viber Viber
  • monitor WhatsApp WhatsApp
  • monitor Whisper Whisper
  • Parents Monitor Snapchat Stories Snapchat
  • monitor Skout app Skout
  • monitor MeetMe app Meetme
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